Permissions of individual items

Permissions in Sitefinity CMS are inheritable. Each individual item inherits permissions from the group permission. For example, the permissions for an individual event are inherited from the permissions for the Events section. For more information about section permissions, see Permissions by section.

You can modify the inherited permissions of each item, by setting permissions individually.

  1. To change the permissions for an item or page, open the page of that content type.
    For example, open the News page, Events page, or Pages page.
    Perform one of the following:
  2. Click the Actions link of the item or page, whose permission you want to change and perform the following:
    • For pages, generic content items, blogs, blog posts, events, and news, click Permissions.
    • For images, videos, and documents, click Set Permissions.
    • A list with permissions for the item appears.
  3. To change individual permission, you must break the inheritance of permissions by clicking Break inheritance button.
    For each action that you can perform, a change button appears.
    Perform procedure Permissions by section » Change permissions.
  4. If you want to restore the inherited permissions and delete all custom permissions that have been set for the item, click Inherit permission from parent button.
    A dialog box appears where you must confirm your actions.
  5. When you are finished changing permissions, click Back to <content type> items link at the top of the page.

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