You can establish and maintain discussion groups by using the Forums module.

IMPORTANT: In Sitefinity CMS version 14.1 and higher, if you want to use the Forums module, you must first install it and then activate it. For more information, see Activate and deactivate modules.  

The module is organized as follows:

  • Forums page
    To open the Forums page, in the main menu click Content » Forums.
    The Forums page opens, displaying an expandable list of all created forums, grouped in forum groups, with the number of threads and posts in each forum, together with actions you can perform on them.
  • Forum threads page
    When you click on a forum, you can view a list of all threads in that forum and the number of posts in each thread, together with actions you can perform on each thread.
  • Forum posts page
    When you click a thread, the Posts page opens where you can view a list of all posts in this thread, together with actions you can perform on each post.

The following table summarizes the main properties and actions for Forums.

Property/Action Description 
Widgets to use and configure 

Forums widget is no longer supported as of Sitefinity CMS 14.1, due to the deprecation of Web Forms widgets. For more information, see Deprecated capabilities in Sitefinity CMS.
Create and use a custom widget as an alternative.

Display on pages Display content on your website
Organization  Hierarchical structure
Permissions  You can set permission for all forums and you can set individual permissions for each forum. For more information, see Grant permissions for content

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