Import POP3 content: Schedule the task

To schedule your task as early in the application lifecycle as possible, you must handle the Initialized event of the Bootstrapper inside theApplication_Start handler of your application. Perform the following:

  1. Open Sitefinity CMS Project Manager.
  2. Select your Sitefinity CMS project.
  3. Click Edit in Visual Studio.
  4. From the context menu of the project, click Add » New Item...
  5. In the left pane, select Visual C# » Web.
  6. Click Global Application Class.
  7. Keep the default name Global.asax.
  8. Open the newly created file.
  9. Add the following code:

The Global.asax file is used to handle application and session-state events in the ASP.NET website.

You create a key for the task so you can search for it later. The Key property of PipeScheduledTask is a string. You must set the ExecuteTime property of the tasks that determines when this task is going to be executed.

NOTE: You must set all date and time values in a UTC format in Sitefinity.

Once you queue the tasks and commit the transaction, Sitefinity CMS determines when it must execute the tasks. If it finds a task that is not yet executed and its execution time has already passed, Sitefinity CMS automatically executes and deletes it.

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