NewsRotator widget: Register and use the custom control

To use your control on Sitefinity CMS pages, you must register it in the Toolbox. To register the control, you must add a reference to it in the Sitefinity CMS project.

To register your control in the Toolbox, perform the following:

  1. Log in to Sitefinity CMS backend.
  2. In the main menu in the upper part of the screen, click Administration » Settings.
  3. Go to the Advanced settings by clicking the Advanced link.
  4. In the treeview on the left, click Toolboxes » Toolboxes » PageControls » Sections.
  5. To add a new section for your custom controls, click Create New.
  6. In the Name field and in the Title field, enter Custom.
  7. Click Save changes.
  8. In the treeview on the left, select Custom » Tools.
  9. To register your control, click Create New.
  10. In the ControlType field, enter NewsRotator.NewsRotator.
    This is the type of the control in the assembly.

  11. In the Name field, enter NewsRotator.
  12. In the Title field, enter News Rotator.
  13. Click Save changes.

Your control is now registered in Sitefinity CMS toolbox. You can drop it on a page and see how it performs. Note that to use the NewsRotator control, you must create some news items and place the respective images in the album called Thumbnails. You must also add a page hosting a NewsView control. This way you will be able to test whether the link for the full news item works properly.

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