Dynamic modules

You create a dynamic module when the built-in Sitefinity CMS modules do not suit your needs. A module must have at least one content type. You create this type when you create the module. A module with one type can be, for example, an FAQ module, whose content type can be FAQs and FAQs can have two fields – Question and Answer. You can also have more than one content type in one module and you can have a hierarchy of the content types. For example, the Forums module has Forums and Threads content types, and Thread is a child of a Forum.

You first create the dynamic module and its first content type, then you activate the module and you can create more content types.

NOTE: If you are using Sitefinity CMS to manage multiple sites, if you create a module with the Module builder after you create a site, it is not automatically activated for this site. If you want to use it, you must manually activate it. For more information, see Edit sites and set site permissions » Configuring the modules of a site.

NOTE: Build-in and dynamic modules can be in one language – the backend language, but content items of dynamic modules can be multilingual.

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