List of inbound pipes

Following is a list of inbound pipes in Sitefinity: 

  • PageInboundPipe 
    Responsible for the page objects.
  • ContentInboundPipe 
    Responsible for all basic content types, such as news, events, list items, and blog posts. Not responsible for products,dynamic content types, and pages.
  • RSSInboundPipe 
    Consumes external RSS feeds.
  • Pop3InboudnPipe 
    Consumes emails.
  • TwitterInboudnPipe 
    Consumes tweets from Sitefinity CMS Twitter app.
  • DocumentInboudnPipe 
    Consumes documents and other files and passes them to the publishing point.
  • MediaContentInboundPipe 
    Consumes media content items and passes them to the publishing point.
  • ProductInboundPipe
    Responsible for Ecommerce products.
  • ForumsInboundPipe 
    Responsible for Forums module items
  • DynamicModuleInboundPipes 
    Responsible for dynamic modules. Each module that you create registers its own pipe.

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