Synchronize Sitefinity CMS with a SharePoint site

You can create connections and configure synchronization between Sitefinity CMS and one or more SharePoint sites. To do this, open the SharePoint site configuration page, located in Administration » Connector for SharePoint. Each SharePoint site connection can have many synchronization tasks. For example, you can have one task for synchronizing a SharePoint list and another task for synchronizing all SharePoint calendars. You can see the created synchronizations of a SharePoint site by clicking the connection on SharePoint sites page. The Connected lists page appears where you can create and edit synchronization tasks.

NOTE: Sitefinity CMS supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2019 and SharePoint Online.

IMPORTANT: You cannot use SharePoint synchronization, if you have a multilingual Sitefinity CMS. 

Supported authentication types

The SharePoint connector supports:

  • Windows claims-based authentication
  • Forms-based authentication

The SharePoint connector does not support:

SAML-based claims authentication

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