Format text and paragraphs

The text formatting toolbar enables you to:

  • Change the heading style of the text
  • Make text bold or italic
  • Organize paragraphs in bullet or numbered lists
  • Align text

    NOTE: When working with multilingual content that requires alternative text alignment, such as Arabic cultures, the editor automatically aligns your content to the right of the content editing area.

  • Indent and outdent text
  • Superscript and subscript text
  • Insert horizontal lines
    The horizontal line serves as a border line for the paragraph after which it has been inserted.
  • Clear the formatting altogether

NOTE: Subsequent sections give details how to add or embed media and insert links.

Apart from the key formatting options, you can add more functionality to the content editing toolbar. You can, for example, add word count, RTL alignment per paragraph, video selector, and so on. For more information, see Customize Sitefinity CMS backend.

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